roadside assistance SterlingSterling Tow Truck is a multifaceted towing company. We offer full roadside assistance beyond our standard towing services. We found that roadside assistance is an area of great need for the hardworking people in the Sterling Virginia community. Sterling Tow Truck is a company built around our customers’ needs and satisfaction. By providing top tier roadside assistance we have created multiple avenues to help motorists in their time of need. Vehicles are generally predictable. They start and function properly most times, and we rely on them heavily to accomplish our daily tasks. When your car isn’t working correctly, Sterling Tow Truck is the company to call. Our wide-ranging roadside assistance program offers services like fuel delivery, tire change assistance, jump start service, accident recovery, and lockout service. All roadside assistance options are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our incredible versatility and 24/7 availability make Sterling Tow Truck and industry leader and a name you can trust.


Fuel delivery service


Sterling Tow Truck’s fuel delivery service is fast and convenient. If your engine sputters to a halt we can come to you with exactly the fuel you need. Pushing your car is dangerous and strenuous. With a simple phone call to Sterling Tow Truck, you can avoid putting yourself in a precarious position. Our fuel delivery is a quick and easy solution to resolve your issue.


Jump-Start ServiceSterling Jump start


Car batteries can fail without you realizing it until it’s too late. If you turn the key in the ignition and nothing happens, there is no need to panic. Sterling Tow Truck has jump-start service that will arrive at your location. We have all the necessary equipment to jump-start vehicles of all sizes. Let our assistance experts rectify the situation with our hassle-free jump-start service.


Accident Recovery Service

Sterling Accident recovery

When you’re in need of recovery service after a collision, the team here at Sterling Tow Truck is here to help. We are sympathetic to the after-effects of an accident and are trained to provide service that will help alleviate some of your stress. In your time of need, the staff at Sterling Tow Truck is happy to help.


Tire Change Assistance


Need to change a flat fast and affordably? Sterling Tow Truck has superb tire change assistance perfect for you. When tasked with changing a flat tire it must be done correctly. We have all the proper equipment needed to properly secure your spare tire. Our years of experience give us the expertise you can trust if you need to change a flat tire.Tire Change Sterling


Lockout Service


Being locked out of your vehicle is frustrating, but before you start prying at the door jam, call the lockout experts at Sterling Tow Truck. Part of our roadside assistance is lockout service. We send one of our team members directly to your location. We have the proper tools to open even the peskiest locks without causing any collateral damage to the trim, paint, or lock mechanism. If you need a fast and affordable lockout service, Sterling Tow Truck is the company to call.

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