Flat Bed towing SterlingDid you know that there is an excellent small transport service right here in Sterling, VA. Well, there is, and it is at Sterling Tow Truck. We have been providing our car transport service for years and work with some of the largest dealers in the region. Whether you are looking for a one-off service or a continual ad hoc service, our fleet of flatbed tow trucks are here for you. Below, you will find more information on the types of services we offer to individual clients and dealers.

Individual Clients

Whether you are looking to move a classic car to your summer home or need to transport a vehicle you just bought from upstate, the team at Sterling Tow Truck is here for you. We only use our flatbed tow trucks for our car transport services, ensuring that your vehicle will be safe throughout its journey. As one of the leading car transport options, our team is well-versed in the service and can provide the professionalism that you can only get with a professional tow truck company.

Whether you are looking for regular transport services or need us on a one-off, the team at Sterling Tow Truck can help. We offer our clients a great rate and standard of service to ensure that your vehicle arrives on time and without so much as a scratch. So, if you are looking to move a car in or around Sterling, VA, don’t settle and enjoy a better car transport service with Sterling Tow Truck.

Dealerships and Car Lots

towing Sterling VAAs a dealer, the ability to have access to new and used cars is an essential part of your business. But as we know, the ability to get those vehicles on your lot is sometimes at the mercy of those big-city car carriers. However, what if we told there that there is another option. There is, and that is where Sterling Tow Truck comes in. For years, we have been providing dealerships and car lots with ad hoc car transportation services. Not only does this provide you with the ability to get the vehicles you need off or on your lot, but it is also a flexible and ad hoc service, so you are not paying unless you need it.

Unlike other car carriers who want larger loads before heading to Sterling, VA, our flatbed trucks take single vehicles. This means whenever you need a car, we can do it. Our flatbed trucks can haul them all from trucks to sedans and even SUVs. The best part is our rates are excellent. This means you and your clients can save money on car transport, and that is something we can all celebrate. So, if you need car transport, stop relying on the big guys, and see why so many dealerships in and around Sterling, VA, trust Sterling Tow Truck for all of their ad hoc car transportation needs.

If you are looking for quality car transportations services, look no further than Sterling Tow Truck. With more than a decade under our belt, these services are some of our favorite so, whether you are an individual looking to move a car or a dealership needing ad hoc car transportation, our fleet of trucks cannot help out!